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Promotional Printed Umbrellas Exporter India

It’s a well known fact that all executives love to golf. It’s no wonder, then, that some of the most popular executive gifts are golf related. If your clients and CEOs of companies you do business probably own a complete set of club cozies, it’s time to consider promotional printed umbrellas.

Those that play golf regularly have definitely been caught in their fair share of afternoon rain showers. Being prepared for these surprise storms can make a huge difference in ones game. Take a few minutes to put some thought into the promotional golf umbrella you choose and they’ll reach for yours each and every time the rain drops start falling.

Size Matters
Wide umbrellas are best for the golf greens. Choose one that is at least 30 inches wide. These Golf Umbrellas, sold by Exlaon Promotion, feature a 30 inch wide canopy and are available at a reasonable price.

Shaft Material
You don’t need to tie a key to a kite and fly it in a thunderstorm to know that lightning is attracted to metal. Rain and lightning go hand in hand and you don’t want your executives to have a shocking experience because you chose a cheaper, metal shafted printed umbrella.

Wind Tested
Wind gusts often accompany rain storms so it’s important to choose a printed umbrella that will withstand blistery breezes on the fairway. Breathable or double canopy models are great for wind resistance since the breezes can go through the umbrella rather than take it away.

Color Options
There are plenty of color options when choosing printed umbrellas but which is the right one? If you choose something too loud and bright, your executives may not want to use it. Choose something too plain and it may not be noticed.

Ideally, you should choose colors that remind users of your company without offending their sense of color and balance. Make sure whichever color scheme you choose, your printed umbrellas should be constructed with coordinating thread and your logo will stand out against the background.

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