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Corporate Gifting Ideas for Unusual Occasions

Any sales person will tell you that a large part of sales is in building relationships with people – the people who decide which products and services and companies their business will pay for. Corporate gifts can play a role in helping build those relationships at a number of different points. Here are five unusual occasions where a corporate gift can help build relationships and improve your bottom line.

1. A New Business Opening
There’s no better time to introduce your company and your services to a potential customer than at the very start. Keep an eye on your local business news to stay current on new business openings that can offer business for YOUR company, and drop them a “Congratulations!” gift. Make it something practical to stand out from the rafts of plants and flowers, and include a personalized coupon for a discount on their first order or gift vouchers.

2. Thanks for the Referral
Did a current customer refer a business associate to you? Did you pick up a new account on the strength of an introduction from a long-standing associate? Let your business boosters know that you appreciate them by acknowledging their referrals with a thank you gift. Say “Thanks” with a gift that marks your associate as an ambassador for your company. A sweatshirt or jacket embroidered with your company name and logo will say Thank You in high style.

3. On Reaching a Landmark
Every firm has special events that few outside the company acknowledge. It may be the traditional company summer picnic, or the successful launch of a new product. When you send a gift to acknowledge those events, you are saying “You are important enough that I notice these things” – and that is the cement that holds business relationships together.

4. The Promotion of a Key Employee
You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the firms with which you do business – make it count in more ways than one. Has the sales assistant who places the orders been promoted to manager? Foster good will with a gift to wish her success in her new position – and keep your company on her mind when it comes to making bigger decisions. Put together a gift basket with items chosen specifically to appeal to the personal tastes of the recipient – and tuck in one or two small promotional items with your company logo that they can use in their new position. One great idea – a business card wallet or holder to display their new business card.

5. Thanks for Your Order 
Don’t just drop an email or make a phone call. Express your appreciation for a big order with a thank you gift. Thanks for your order gifts needn’t be anything flashy or expensive – in fact, they work best when they’re little useful items that can sit on a desk and come into service every day. Many a busy professional will appreciate a cube of sticky notes with a unique twist, or a handful of pens to keep in a pen tub on their desk.

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