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How to choose perfect corporate gift?

There are many factors one needs to keep in mind while choosing the perfect corporate gift.

Here are some of them :

Receiver : Who are you giving the gift to?
A-list client- try giving a luxury item such as a branded pen, perfume or maybe a classy leather bag. Of course you won't want to ruin the gifts by engraving your company's name on them. You may rather write a personal note & give a business card for a positive impression.

Employee- Thank them for their efforts with gifts like T-shirts, jackets,bags etc. You can even go for valuable incentives like food processors,mixers etc in case of excellent performance.

Good clients- every client is valuable isn't it? let gifts like photo frames,beautiful desktop accessories say "Thank you" from your side. Personalizing does wonders , you can also add your company's logo for better recognition.

Despite all this,the personal preferences of the receiver should not be ignored.

Occasion :Diwali,New Year or birthday,every occasion demands a different gift. What about gifting jackets or Organisers for New Years? Lakshmi-Ganesha idols on Diwali and gifts like electronic gadgets,pens sets or Gift Vouchers on Birthdays?

Budget : How much are you willing to spend for gifting? you have a wide range of options like caps,key chains,mugs,sippers,desktop accessories in case of low budget.

jackets,bags,T-shirts,gift vouchers suit mid-budget needs & Branded or Luxurious products can be gifted if you have good budget.

Remember that great gifts are not only the expensive ones, any gift which has positive memories attached to it makes a perfect gift.

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